worship the booty and the Green God.

Relationship goals ❤❤

I don’t know man she seems pretty bored with her life at the moment. I bet she’s thinking, “Is this really what we do? Make gifs for potheads and perverts to marvel at? What the fuck am I doing here? This nigga ain’t even got no paint on his walls.”

Then again, that booty is nice though.

o0o yeah totally. I hate my life and you can tell all of that from this gif huh? GTFO… I could say more than a few things about your pics..but I won’t becuase my mother had the decency to teach me a thing called respect.

ps I don’t have any paint on my walls and all these gif’s are made by me..so either put on your big boy jeans and come paint my walls since you care so much.or keep your ignorant ass assumptions to yourself..thanks Felicia..

She doesn’t want to spill the fucking bong water!